Every morning, this is what my 4 & 6 y/o eat for breakfast. I have no idea what I’m going to do when they’re teenagers.

Azaleas - one of many beautiful aspects of #Houston. At least while they last with storms coming in. #ILoveHou

@JackHenryWhite & @WillEarlWhite watching the snow start to come down. Natch, the local news is geeking out for “real” snow. #HoustonIceStorm #WeWillRebuild #PrayforHouston (at Gleannloch Farms)

Reenacting the movie #KingPin … without the prosthetic hand. Hopefully. (at Copperfield Bowl)

@JackHenryWhite & @WillEarlWhite getting ready for soccer … been long 7 days waiting for Saturday for them. ;) (at I9 Sports Fields)

Saw ‘em off! #Whoop! #12thMan (at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch)

Happy birthday, @GregIsWright! You are true royalty! @EffenQukku still claims to be the king tho. (at Qukku)

Never, ever be fooled by smiles … even @SeaWorldTexas (at SeaWorld San Antonio)

How does @Qukku celebrate 20k users? #ambush (at Qukku)

Qukku: 8 Cats Who Are Your Master And Don't Care If You Know It


Who doesn’t love the attitude of the friendly feline, but perhaps that attitude can go a bit too far…


1. This cat who won’t even open its eyes to acknowledge your worthlessness

"Yes, bow down my minion or I’ll hack up a…